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Product Discovery Essentials

Learn how to turn a fuzzy vision into a functional product.

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Learn how to turn a fuzzy vision into a functional product

Product Discovery is an innovation technique that helps organisations to continually reinvent existing products in new meaningful ways or to create completely new products that provide significantly new customer value.

Participants of this hands-on & interactive workshop learn about the basics of successful product discovery and how human-centred design, a product thinking mindset, and lean startup methods can help to discover the right product for the right people, serving the right needs, and thereby drive business results.

Why book this workshop?


Gain a better understanding of the journey of exploration and confidently lead through times of uncertainty.


Learn how to close the gap between business vision and the reality of customer needs.


Practice essential product discovery acitivites and identify crucial challenges.

What You’ll Do

Based on several examples and exercises, the participants get practical knowledge on how to apply helpful innovation tools like the Unstuck Map, The Excursion Model or Discovery Sprints in practice to understand the essentials of product innovation, and thereby learn how to run and apply better product discoveries in their product teams.

After the workshop participants will be able to:

Who should attend

This workshop is designed for everyone that aims to discover and build new or better products. The workshop lays out frameworks, mindsets and methods for taking an early idea or a vision to success.

What our participants are saying

»Great experience and I would go tell you one more info. As a PO you need to have this workshop«
–Adeem Maqsood, Product Manager

»Exercise materials are very well prepared and easy to follow. – It's almost 1 week over, I can’t forget your flower model, it’s still in my head, it’s pretty clear. That’s brilliant.«
–Anil Kumar Krishnashetty, Lean Product Manager

Presented by Jan Milz & Nikkel Blaase

Jan Milz is a lean product manager and entrepreneur with over ten years of professional experience. After co-founding two tech startups he worked as a product manager for companies like Otto, Breuninger or XING. Currently he is helping organisations with product management and product discovery as a freelance consultant. He is passionate about agile, problem solving and innovation.

Nikkel Blaase is a product lead and discovery coach. He writes and speaks a lot about designing products, specifically how to think in products, about UX strategy and how to start a digital business. Nikkel is passionate about bringing »Product Thinking« to the world of product development to see more successful products tailored to people’s needs.

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