Product & Design

The Unstuck Map

A simple way to keep product innovation under control while going fast

A simple decision tree on what to do next

Pick the right tools at the right time.

The Unstuck Map guides you to pick the right frameworks and methods at the right time, based on the Product Thinking mindset.

Product Discovery based on guiding questions.

Why are we doing this? For whom are we doing this? What people problem do we solve? How are we solving the problem? What do we want to achieve?

What people say

Ken Norton – Partner at GV (formerly Google Ventures)
"A neat flowchart to help you make product decisions and focus on the right things."
Anne Schütt – Senior User Experience Designer at XING
"The Unstuck Map helps me to keep focus in an often messy discovery process."
Tim Herbig – Head of Product at ORBIT
"I can't imagine a better tool than the Unstuck Map to keep me on track when things go wild."

Make better and faster product decisions.

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Created by Nikkel Blaase

Nikkel Blaase is a product lead and discovery coach. He writes and speaks a lot about designing products, specifically how to think in products, about UX strategy and how to start a digital business. Nikkel is passionate about bringing »Product Thinking« to the world of product development to see more successful products tailored to people’s needs.